CO2pins: The Original 1 ton CO2 Jewellery Pins [Background Info] [Pin Models & Prices] [How to Order][Impressum]

CO2 Pins: Jewellery for our Climate

These hand-crafted silver pins look and feel light – but each one takes a ton of carbon dioxide out of the air.
They are the first 1 ton CO2 pins in the world. [How this works]

These pins were conceived and created by Stefanie & Stefan Rahmstorf for the international project Jewellery Journey "Air". Stefanie has a jewellery design shop in Potsdam: Atelier ô.

They were first exhibited at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg from 14-27 September 2006 (see below).

One of them is featured in Madeleine Albright's bestseller Read My Pins and is touring the US in the related exhibition.

The pins can now be purchased here.

The artist and her daughter at the exhibition opening
at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.
(Foto: Sinje Häsheider)