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CO2 Pins: Jewellery for our Climate

How you can order these pins:

1. Write us an e-mail to:

Please specify which pin(s) you want. In case of the "Carbon" pins, please also specify whether the serial number should be stamped on front or back.

2. We will then confirm your order via mail and send you the payment details (with packaging and postage cost added to the advertised price). At this stage, only a bank transfer to our account is a standard payment method. Foreign bank checks may also be accepted but we will have to pass on the fee of our bank for cashing these checks.

Production and delivery should usually take about three weeks. Please enquire if you need it more urgently.

We retire the emission permits through "The Compensators". If you wish, your name can be published with the serial number of your emission permit on their website.

Because the price of emission permits changes over time, we may need to adapt the pin prices accordingly from time to time. However, prices advertised on this website at the time of your e-mail order are guaranteed.