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CO2 Pins: Jewellery for our Climate

Five models of pin are available, as shown in the three images below.
All pins are individually hand-crafted from sterling silver.
The pins easily attach to clothing.

The price of each pin includes the price of the emission permit for one ton of carbon dioxide.
The serial number of this permit will be stamped into the pin.

"Carbon" € 110 (left) "Carbon Pearl" € 130 (right)
The above pins symbolise the carbon dioxide molecule, with the large C symbolising the carbon atom and the rings or black freshwater pearls symbolising the oxygen atoms. The serial number can be stamped in an arc either on the back or the front. Both types have a fine matte surface.

"O-C-O" € 110
The base of this pin with the serial number has a matte finish, while the letters O-C-O have a special structure.

"Tube Pearl" € 110 (left) "Tube" € 90 (right)
Hollow silver tubes, in case of "Tube Pearl" sealed with black freshwater pearls.