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CO2 Pins: Jewellery for our Climate

How and why does this jewellery take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) exists only in tiny traces in our air – yet it has a powerful effect on climate. It intercepts long-wave radiation with its unique molecular structure: O=C=O. Human activities have raised the amount of CO2 in the air by one third, and as a result our climate is warming.
To stop global warming, the European Union has limited the amount of CO2 that industry is allowed to emit by issuing a limited number of emission permits. These permits are traded on a market. Every ton you buy and remove from the market is one ton that industry can’t emit any more.
To combat climate change we have produced 1 ton CO2 pins. They come in several different shapes but with one common feature: when you buy this pin, we will retire 1 ton of CO2 emission permit which we buy on the carbon market. Every single ton has a unique ID number so it can be tracked online in the EU emissions trading system. This number – different and unique for each pin - is engraved on your pin. Thus everyone who buys this pin not only makes a visible personal statement: he or she at the same time takes a practical step towards stopping global warming.

Brief Fact Sheet on Global Warming

Stefanie Rahmstorf
2003 Diplom at Hochschule Wismar, Germany
Since 2002 Initiator and co-organiser of the project "Jewellery Journey"
Since 2004 Atelier Ô, jewellery design - shop and studio together with Mana Kehr in Potsdam

Stefan Rahmstorf
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Professor of Physics of the Oceans, Potsdam University
Member of the German Advisory Council on Global Change and of the Academia Europaea